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Latvia free banner exchange

Latvia free banner exchange

Banner Exchange is one of the oldest forms of website promotion. It is unique in that it is completely free and allows you to advertise your website for another banner exchange program participants websites.

How does it work?

Each program participant shall put on its website a bannerExchange tiny HTML code to expose third party banners on the website. Banner expositions are counted, giving the website owner appropriate amount of expositions to his banners.

The bannerExchange system provides 80% exposition efficiency. This means that 100 times exposing third party banners, a website owner gets a chance to expose his banners 80 times.

How do I participate in the program?

Follow these steps:

  • register in the system;
  • get the HTML code;
  • put received HTML code to your website;
    • start earning your banner expositions;
  • upload your one or more banners;
    • system will display you banners on other websites of our participants, according to your earned expositions.

It takes less than 5 minutes to start earning expositions. Sign up right now!